Have a Poet in Every Home!

Poetry is an art meant to be heard.  If you ever, ever have the opportunity to catch any sort of live show please do!

On the 10th I had the opportunity to attend two shows presented by the Adirondack Center for Writing, a wonderful organization that has been bringing up Brooklyn-based poets for the past few years.  For those who don’t know, the poetry scene in New York City as a whole is awesome! If you’re ever in NYC, check out one of the multitudes of shows that happen daily!

The first show was at NCCC, featuring poets Jon Sands and Angel Nafis.  Both poets also starred in the “poetic murder mystery” Verse.  Now, this is poetry that engages the audience.   First time I saw Jon Sands perform was spring of 2010, he had the audience shout and wave their hands in the air (like you just don’t care!), then apologized for making us do all of that “silly shit”.  Jon has this energy to him, he’s able to touch your heart and make you laugh.  Angel is fantastic at portraying character voices, whether she’s performing poems in the voice of her Father, or random cat-callers.

Later that evening I was lucky enough to get a ride out to Paul Smith’s for the performance at Paul Smith’s College thanks to poetry colleague Charles Watts (not from the Rolling Stones).  Jon and Angel were joined by Adam Falkner.  Now Adam has a wonderful narrative voice that just draws you in. You will be leaning in, anticipating what comes next in his poems.

One thing I’ve always loved about the shows I have attended is how personable many of these poets are.  Everyone I have met has been friendly, willing to answer questions, encouraging if you tell them that you’re a writer, and in all just wonderful people. Just like that Monty Python quote  from one of their Flying Circus episodes: “Poets are both clean and warm, and most are far above the norm. Whether here or on the roam, have a poet in every home!”

I took some photos, but they came out all blurry.  Instead have a video of Jon and Angel performing together!